When are doses recorded as "taken" or "missed"?

Multiple reminders? What dose is counting towards what reminder?

This is a common question. When a patient goes to open their Smart Cap, but has multiple scheduled doses, which event is marked as 'Taken'? And the answer is, always the closest. To better illustrate this we'll go through a couple examples starting simple.

Sarah has a dose scheduled for 1:00PM each day. One day, Sarah forgets to take her Smart Cap into work and consequently has missed her dose, when she returns home that day at 5:00PM she opens her Smart Cap and takes a pill. No sweat! Sarah's 1:00PM dose that day is marked as 'Taken' and all is good.

Carl has a dose scheduled at 8:00 AM and 4:00PM each day. Carl has forgotten his 8:00AM dose on his way into work and runs home during lunch to take his medication. Carl opens his Smart Cap at 12:20PM, but oh no! His 4:00PM dose is marked as taken and not his 8:00AM dose! The Smart Cap and app will always attempt to attribute your current dose to the reminder time that is nearest. In this instance, 12:20PM is 4 hours and 20 minutes from 8:00AM and only 3 hours and 40 minutes from 4:00PM, thus his dose later in the day in marked as taken. This is easily corrected in the app by marking past doses as taken manually from the 'Schedule' tab!