How do I add or edit drug reminders?

Drug reminders are great for making sure you don't skip a dose. Anytime you setup a new drug you will be prompted to add reminders, but if you're like me there's a chance you may have skipped the screen altogether. No worries, reminders can be added to a drug or edited at any time!

To get started:

  1. Open the app and click the 'Pills' tab
  2. Select the drug you'd like to add reminders to or make edits to
  3. Under 'Reminders' select the remind you'd like to edit, or, if you have no reminders, click 'No reminders'.
  4. Here you can add or edit a reminder, simply select 'Add reminder time' and set the time or select the reminder you've already set to start editing.
  5. Additional reminders can be added to a single drug by clicking 'Add reminder time' again.
  6. When you've set your reminders then double check your 'Pills per dose' field, this is how many pills the app thinks your taking each time you open it.
  7. All set? Click 'Done' on the top right, reminders have been set!

Reminders should be all set!