How dose the double dose alert work?

Note: Pillsy will warn you if you open the cap multiple times near a scheduled dose. It's up to you to decide if that's a "double dose".

'Double dosing' warnings occur when you open the cap multiple times within close proximity of a reminder. If you're worried about double doses then it is important for your phone to be near your Smart Cap when you go to take your doses- the app and Smart Cap must be able to communicate to the app in order to detect double doses.

Here's an example of double dose warnings in action and a little about how they work:

You've set a reminder to take your Omega-3 Fish Oil Tablets every morning at 8:00AM. When you go to take your Fish Oil at 7:52AM a dose is marked on the 8:00AM reminder. But let's say you forgot whether you took your pill or not and go to take another tablet at around 8:31AM. If your phone is around when the Smart Cap is opened this second time it triggers five consecutive beeps that are a warning that you've already taken your pill. Additionally, a message will be sent to your phone, warning you of a detected double dose.

In the case where you have multiple reminders each day, your dose is rounded to the nearest reminder time that you have set. If the dose is closer to a reminder earlier in the day that already has an event then you will receive a double dose warning!