How can I return my product?

Updated 1 year ago by Jeff LeBrun

Your PillsyCap is eligible for a refund if you've had it less than 30 days and if it's unopened. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept opened PillsyCaps for safety reasons.

Please note that partial returns are not eligible for a refund (Example: If you ordered 4 PillsyCaps, you must return all 4 PillsyCaps to receive a refund.)

Note: Pillsy can only refund orders placed directly through our website, If you purchased Pillsy through another party, please contact them separately for refund instructions.

If you're confused about something or if you're unhappy with Pillsy please be sure to checkout our instructions. Also, you can always contact our support team ([email protected]). We love interacting with our customers to help make sure they are getting the best possible experience and we'll aim to get back as quickly as possible via email!

Visit this link for more information on our Warranty and Refund policy, and to see instructions on how to request a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA).

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