Making Sure Your Battery is Connected

Updated 1 year ago by Jeff LeBrun

We test every battery connection multiple times prior to shipping. However, sometimes a battery can become dislodged - especially if you open the PillsyCap's battery replacement chamber to change the battery. Here are some quick steps to check whether your battery has become dislodged.

Your PillsyCap LED light should blink when you close the container. To test this, either screw on the PillsyCap or push the moving plate in towards the PillsyCap using your fingers. If you try this a few times and the LED does not blink then it's likely that the battery is either dead or disconnected because the battery connection tab got pushed back.

If your battery is disconnected it's an easy fix. 

  1. First, remove the battery. It can be helpful to have a paperclip or other small object to remove the battery for this step. 
  2. Next, bend the connection tab back into place, and 
  3. Finally, replace the battery.   When you replace the battery you should see it blink. If it does not blink after fixing this then we recommend replacing with a new battery.

Here is a video that illustrates this process.

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