What if My Pillsy Smart Cap Won't Connect?

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Having issues with your connection? Here are some tips that will take care of most problems as quickly as possible.

First, An Explanation of How and When Pillsy Should Connect

Pillsy arrives in "sleep mode". In order to connect you must first wake it up by opening and closing the cap. You'll need to open the Pillsy app and pair to your cap within 1 minute of waking it up.

After you've paired your phone to your PillsyCap your phone will connect whenever the cap is in the same room. You can check whether or not the cap is connected by going to the Bluetooth screen in your smartphones settings.

IOS 11.2 ISSUES - If you have an iPphone please note that recent releases of iOS have been reported as pushing apps that connect to Bluetooth devices in the background (like Pillsy) out of memory. In this case Pillsy may connect to your phone but the app will not be "woken up" to record a dose. In order to sync a dose you may need to manually open the Pillsy app in order to bring it into memory on your phone.

We are one of several companies have filed tickets with Apple; we are working on a few things ourselves to help keep the Pillsy app in memory and we are hoping that Apple will fix this issue soon, which will be more prevalent on all versions of iPhones other than Apple's most recent releases, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

1. Make Sure the PillsyCap Blinks and Closing 

PillsyCap should blink when it's closed. You can test this in a few seconds by taking your PillsyCap off the bottle and placing it back on. If your PillsyCap does not blink then this means that your battery may be dislodged or there is some other issue with your device. Please check this thread for more on that issue.

2. Turn Bluetooth Off and Back On

Bluetooth can be finicky on some smartphones. If you're having issues connecting we recommended turning Bluetooth off and then turning it back on. You can also do this by putting your smartphone into airplane mode for a few seconds. Your phone may be more likely to recognize your PillsyCap after doing this.

3. Close and then Open the Pillsy App

The Pillsy app must be running in order to connect to your PillsyCap. It doesn't need to be in the foreground (e.g. in view) to function most of the time but having it in the foreground can be helpful. Otherwise your smartphone may occasionally prioritize in memory the other apps that are running on your phone above Pillsy. If you prevent your Pillsy app from running in the background (e.g. force killing it) then your phone will not connect to your PillsyCap until you open it again.

4. To Check the Connection, Open the PillsyCap While Standing Next to Your Smartphone with The PillsyCap Opened

Try opening your PillsyCap when the app is opened on the schedule screen. You should see a popup notification when you open and close the PillsyCap.

5. Try Turning Your Phone Off and On

Some smartphones have issues with the Bluetooth chip that may resolve by turning your smartphone off and on. We've seen many issues resolved by doing this on certain versions of Android phones. There are over 10,000 different Android devices out there & each of them handles Bluetooth slightly differently - unfortunately the only way to test this is to try it out.

6. Try Removing the Battery and Replacing It

If none of this works we suggestion removing the battery for 10 seconds and putting it back in. Be careful not to bend back the battery contact - if you do bend it back the PillsyCap will not light up. If you see this behavior don't worry, you can bend the battery contact back into place and everything should work perfectly.

7. Contact Support

If none of these tricks work please feel free to contact support at any time. You can do this by sending an email to [email protected]

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